Monday, April 1, 2013

Food Loves: Cottage Desserts

This was the first Easter I've been home for in about two years, and I kind of forgot what my family traditions are. Of course I remembered my favourite Easter candies - Cadbury mini eggs and Whopper Robin Eggs - but when it came to our meals I wasn't sure what we ate. Together my family drove up to Muskoka for the weekend and enjoyed the coziness of the fire and quiet surroundings. We didn't have a big Good Friday meal planned because our Easter dinner was being held on Saturday evening. However both my father and brother asked about dessert - "There's no pie?", "Is there chocolate or ice cream or anything?", "I can't believe there's no pie!" So my mother and I looked at what we had and decided to whip up a simple apple crisp. I loosely followed this recipe but cut it in half, and left out the bourbon, vanilla bean, browned-butter and almonds because of the ingredients we had on hand. It was simple and delicious and a great match to our movie by the fire. 

Since we only made enough apple crisp for the one night, another dessert was needed for our big Easter dinner (I say big, but we really cut down this year - I'm not eating meat and there's always too much turkey leftover so I had veggie lasagna and the family had roast chicken). To fulfill our dessert needs it was off to our favourite Rosseau bakery for the best homemade pies money could buy - and I really mean that. If you're not into pie but are in the area, you should try their butter tarts, they're award winning! We chose a bumbleberry pie, topped it with homemade whipped cream and it couldn't be better. Happy Easter!

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