Monday, February 17, 2014

Good Books: Never Have I Ever

Never judge a book by it's cover. People are always repeating those words as if to say, 'hey even if they did a terrible job with the font, centring, colouring and those awful pictures slapped in between it all, this is still a good book! high quality literature right here!'. Yea freaking right. I guarantee you that if a book is suggested to me or I read some rave reviews about a new release, and it has an ugly cover, not happening. 

"There are boys for whom the ink of a million glittery gel pens was spilled"

The third book I read in my 25-book pledge this year is Katie Heaney's "Never Have I Ever: My life (so far) without a date." I hadn't read anything about it or heard about Katie before picking it up but I was drawn to the cutesy hearts and the really long but cool-fonted title. Book judged by cover - case and point. This book is such a light hearted, funny and uplifting read. I loved every page of it. Having never (knowingly) read Katie's work before (she writes for Buzzfeed aka procrastination station) I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy reading the diary of a stranger's love life, but it honestly feels like you're chatting with a great and hilarious friend - talking about everything from elementary school crushes, to potential high school sweethearts, to university nightmares, to OkCupid messaging 101. It reminded me a lot of Tina Fey's book (Bossypants) in that she shares plenty of embarrassing and laugh-out-loud moments of her life over the past twenty five years. Though my own love life isn't entirely the same, I am neither a lighthouse nor a bermuda triangle but somewhere in the middle (read book for more details), I think every girl will be able to relate to at least one of Katie's quirky narratives, but if not then they'll at least remind you of one of your own crazy friends. If you're looking for a an easy and fun read with a pretty cover to get you through these cold and dreary months, I highly recommend you give this one a go.

Note: Oh hey my third book for the pledge, what was my second you ask? I'm currently reading the sequel so you'll hear about both of them soon enough! 

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