Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dark Chocolate Toasted Pecan Ice Cream

It may be negative degrees Celsius outside, but what better way to celebrate the new year than with some homemade ice cream. Having been gifted an ice cream maker for Christmas I was very excited to test it out and see what kind of creamy concoctions I could come up with. For my first ice cream making endeavour, I followed this recipe for dark chocolate ice cream, and decided to make it a little more my own by adding in some toasted pecans.

To toast the pecans, simply heat your oven to 350line a baking sheet with parchment paper, spread out the chopped pecans and pop into the oven for no more than five minutes.

The ice cream batter alone was delicious but after a good 25 minutes of churning (adding in the pecans in the last couple minutes) it was even better. Thick, creamy, and not too rich - it's going to take everything in me not to finish it this afternoon. The recipe made about the equivalent amount of ice cream as what comes in a Ben & Jerry's container. Scoop it out into some pretty dishes, top with left over pecans and some shaved dark chocolate and you've got yourself a happy new year!

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