Friday, January 23, 2015

Reading Resolutions

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I made the new years resolution for the third time to read 25 books this year. Though right now I have quite the long list of books I intend to read there always comes a time where I get stuck, I'm not motivated and need something new to excite me. Thankfully the internet has come to the rescue with a whole bunch of resources to help us out with our reading resolutions! I'm going to use all of these lists to help change up my reading resolutions and bring new excitement to reading throughout the year. 

1. With the Oscars coming up, why not check out this list of 6 book adaptations all with top oscar nominations. So far, I've got 2/6 - not bad, could be better. 

2. Tomorrow is National Readathon Day! Check out this Pinterest board for book reading suggestions and breeze through your January picks from 12-4pm. 

3. Young adult fiction is one of my favourite genres. I always find the stories so exciting than must adult fiction novels. This infographic provides us with a YA fiction book for every day, month and season of the year.

4. Back to the movies - every book on this list will be hitting theatres in 2015. Read the book - then watch the movie. 

5. Finally, Strand Books NYC has created this giant list of reading resolutions. Some apply to the whole year, but some you can pick and choose depending on your reading needs. I'm definitely going to be consulting this list time and time again. 

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