Friday, March 6, 2015

What I'm Into: February 2015

We're still in the single digits for March so I think it's okay to be posting what I've been into in February. I will also say that since it is March - Winter, you are free to leave now, take your snow and your coldness and just leave. That being said February was a pretty great month. I spent the last week and a half in San Francisco and the rest reading at the cottage, making crafts on Valentine's Day, and trying to stay as warm as possible! Here's what I've been into:

Movies I've Seen

Still Alice - Having read the book a couple years ago (I loved it), I was really looking forward to the movie adaptation. Julianne Moore did an amazing job portraying Alice as she moves through the stages of early onset alzheimer's - definitely deserved the Oscar. I also really loved Kirsten Stewart's character, Lydia - Alice's daughter, who takes on the role as a primary care giver and makes you feel inspired to act as selfless as she does.

The Heat - I watched this on the plane on the way to SF. It's a pretty ridiculous movie but I was entertained - Melissa McCarthy was great as always.

Interstellar - I saw this in IMAX while in SF - and I really didn't know much about it going in. I knew it was about space and that according to everyone it's great - and they were right! I wasn't expecting to cry so much though! Gee whiz I was a teary mess. Seeing it in IMAX was definitely worth it though and the soundtrack was perfectly suited to the film.

Books I've Read

How to Build A Girl - I received this as a Christmas present this year and having never heard of it, I was excited for a new read. This novel reminds me of one of my favourite Young Adult series, Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging - but the adult version. It's funny, very graphic, and loaded with weird British humour and references.

The Hatchet - This is a book I missed out on in elementary school and it has been on my list forever. Though I accidentally borrowed the illustrated version from the library I still really enjoyed it. It was a simple read; great for reading up at the cottage cozied up by the fire, surrounded by snow covered trees.

TV Shows I've Watched

American Horror Story - George and I just finished Season 1 and it was terrifying. I really like this show but it's definitely not one I can watch by myself! It's full of suspense and terror and right when I think I know how things will turn out, I'm completely surprised. We're early into Season 2 now and it's already the best. 

Parks and Recreation - It's over! There's not much I can say other than I love this show and that I am so sad it's gone. It's easily one of my favourites - my go-to watch when I need a quick pick me up. Amy Poehler will forever be one of my favourite people. 

More Fun Stuff

Yoga with Adrienne - Yoga classes are expensive and since I have limited funds I wasn't about to fork over $15 for a class when I know there are some great alternatives on the interwebs. I found YouTuber Yoga with Adrienne in the middle of January and have been loving her videos! I recently completed her 30 day yoga challenge and loved it! They're the perfect length, easy to follow and best of all FREE.

Frozen Peas - I used to hate peas because they're hard to eat with a fork but I'm obsessed with them now. So easy to make, easy green food and made even better with a drizzle of olive oil and some salt and pepper.

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