Monday, May 13, 2013

Out & About: Tea at the Windsor Arms

Anyone who knows me will tell you that my soul is more akin to an eighty year old grandmother than it is a twenty five year old. Though I do enjoy a good party now and again (more so if there is karaoke involved), I am just as happy, if not more, cozying up with a nice cuppa tea. That being said, it makes perfect sense that I spent my birthday weekend drinking lots of tea, watching movies, and heading downtown for afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel. For those of us in North America, Sunday was also Mother's Day so as a dual celebration we made a reservation for four a couple months ago to ensure we had a spot.

The hotel is beautiful. It is classic, small and chic and located in the luxurious Yorkville, Toronto. The tea room has three spaces of slightly different decor that seats a fair number of people without being too crowded, and design that gives your afternoon outing the right amount of elegance without being overdone.

We were seated in the contemporary 'Purple Room' and afternoon tea started with our choosing of one of about twenty loose-leaf teas. I chose a passion fruit green tea that was the perfect combination of earthy and sweet. Next came the tiers of treats. The top plate featured four different kinds of miniature cakes (from a white chocolate cup with edible gold to a mini dark chocolate cupcake), the middle plate had a variety of tea sandwiches (such as smoked salmon with caviar and sun-dried tomato cream cheese with cucumber) and the bottom plate held four homemade scones. Of course it wouldn't be a proper afternoon tea if Devon clotted cream (bringing me back to my exchange student days) and jams - mixed berry and strawberry-guava - weren't provided. Since most of the other guests were there celebrating Mother's Day it was assumed we were as well, but my Dad informed our server that it also happened to be my birthday. After we finished our plates of goodies, out she came with a white chocolate and pistachio dipped strawberry courtesy of the chef! The final course was a raspberry sorbet with a small shot of champagne poured over top - delish.

Needless to say my family and I experienced a major sugar crash-food coma afterwards, but it was well worth it. The service was impeccable, the atmosphere was cozy and elegant, and the food was nothing less than perfection. If you are ever in the Toronto area I highly recommend making time for tea at the Windsor Arms. Thanks to my wonderful family and friends for a fantastic birthday - and to my mother for giving me a birthday to celebrate!


  1. haha I'm also so much closer to an 80 year old! One of my friends brought me to a psychic once and the psych pronounced that even as a small child I was an old soul hah!

    I've never been to a tea house but you've convinced me after this!

    1. ahaha that's great.
      you should find a tea house or room or something! i got hooked into them during study abroad, they're so much fun!